Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Target Finds

Target is by far my favorite store to visit! I love that you can get everything you really need at this one store. I visit Target at least twice a week ;) Today I picked up a few things and spotted some others to hope for in the near future. 

I purchased the Febreeze Gain scented air freshner. Oh my gosh! This stuff smells so amazing, clean and so fresh.

I don't care to much for body lotion and  I always prefer to use either body oil or my Johnson's after shower gel to moisturize. I spotted the new release from Vaseline which should be very interesting. I hope I fall in love with this because the convenience of the spray can is so appealing to me. 

I have been on the look out, for some time now, for a nude eye kohl pencil. I want to use this for my waterline, just to brighten and open up my  eyes. Every time I am in Ulta they are always out of the NYX nude pencil. I spotted the new Rimmel nude pencil and had to grab it. 

I also purchased two sleep tees in the pink and green. They were so soft and at $8 a piece I could pass them up. 

Everything else listed are products that I discovered, which I will be adding to my wish list.  

Im so In love with gold home decor items at the moment. I would love this in my living room as an accent table. 

I love all Method products. I love using products that don't have any of the uglies in them. Nothing thats harmful and typically natural ingredients is right up my ally. This floral design is perfect for spring and the honeysuckle scent is so refreshing. 

Pacifica is another all natural brand that I see often and Mother's Market which is a natural grocer. Target now has a small little section and I spotted the coconut water natural towelettes.

I fell in love with the nautical feel this bag has. It would be a perfect beach bag and the the colors are so fun and feminine. 

These cute little stud earrings come in an array of colors. They are a perfect dupe for Kate Spade's colorful studs. 

This foundation infuses primer, foundation, and concealer all in one. It leaves a natural flawless finish that last all day. This is what the advertising says anyways. I will have to pick this up on my next Target visit and try it out.

Trio Mirror sets are to die for. A great inexpensive, not so matchy, way to decorate any corner of your home. Target had a few new sets with different colors, shapes, and patterns to choose from, but again I really love the gold tone the best. 

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