Sunday, March 31, 2013

Atamone - Mello-Fi Music

Mello-Fi Music : AtamoneI must say that I have such an attachment towards music. I danced from the age of two and learned at an early age to express myself through displaying movement by listening to music and conveying the emotion and feelings it gave me.  

Occasionally I find an artist that I fall in love with. This artist is no exception. The beats this artist puts forward are out of this world. Every time I hear a new composition my body cant help but want to sway side to side. 

Melo-Fi (is a term used to describe music in which the sound is of a lower mellow quality than the usual standard of music. The qualities of lo-fi are usually achieved by either degrading the quality of the recorded audio, or using certain equipment.) is such a feel good sound and Atamone generates everything and more you could expect from this. 

Atamone releases a new beat every few days which has me checking back repeatedly on his soundcloud profile. I just cant wait to see what he comes up with next. 

A few of my top favorites are. 

Check it out and join me as we let the beats carry us away to a soothing, sweet, tuneful place. 

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