Saturday, March 23, 2013

Youtube Video : Get To Know Me

A video posted to my Youtube channel that will help you get to know me a little better with 24 questions! I Hope you enjoy!


About Me Tag Questions

1.Do you have a middle name?2. What was youur favorite subject in school?3. What's your favorite drink?4. Favourite song at the moment?5. What would you name your children?6. Do you participate in any sports?7. Favorite Book?8. Favorite Colour?9. Favorite Animal?10. Favorite perfume?11. Favorite holiday?12. Have you graduated High School?13. Have you been out of the Country?14. Do you speak any other Languages?15. Do you have any siblings?16. What's your favorite store?17. Favorite Restaurant?18. Do you like school?19. Favorite YouTubers?20. Favorite Movie?21. Favorite Tv show?22. Pc or Mac?23. What phone do you have?24. How tall are you?

(permission from artist)

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