Monday, March 25, 2013

Jo Malone : Limited Edition

I frequently love to change my perfumes so I am always on the look for something unusual, fresh, and alluring. Jo Malone always seems to do it for me. They have recently released a limited edition collection named Sugar & Spice and Oh Boy is this bunch Oh So tempting. The fragrance was inspired by delightful, decadent goodies and is perfect for the lady who loves interesting & attention holding scents. 

jo Malone Sugar & Spice

I had a chance to spend a few minutes.....ok more than a few minutes at my local Jo Malone boutique. I just couldn't help myself. I sampled each fragrance drawing in their aromas and pondered their seductive notes. 

Elderberry & Gooseberry  this scent for me has a mouth watering succulent sweetness and a delicate, warm, creamy, softness . Very fresh, feminine and unique. 

Bitter Orange & Chocolate I am such a chocolate lover so i thought for sure someone was going to have to pry this out of my hands. Shockingly enough this scent had a very rich and sophisticated aroma with a sharp orange rind tang. Not one of my favorites.

Lemon Tart   Very fresh and light. I'm not a fan of thyme so for me this would be more attractive omitting the sharpness and just keeping it light and citrusy. 

Redcurrant & Cream Such yummy goodness. This fragrance is by far my absolute favorite and is currently on my wish list. The velvety smoothness and sugary sweetness is so enticing and i literally could not stop sniffing myself. As soon as i muddle up the savings, this little enticing treat will be all mine.

Ginger Biscuit- Right out of the oven. With hints of carmel and hazelnut this divinely warm & buttery scent will satisfy any sweet tooth. My second favorite

I also have to mention the packaging. To break away from the classic and clean muted packing to a fun and colorful chromatic choice was perfect for this grouping. Each perfectly wrapped for our delectation. Overall this limited edition has a little for everyone, so go satisfy you inner indulgence. 

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