Saturday, June 1, 2013

How To: Refrigerator Organization OverHaul

A few Groceries I picked Up at Trader Joe's
*GF = Gluten Free

Blueberries: Great for snacking on or adding to yogurt or *GF oatmeal
Esparagus: This is my go to veggie for dinner. Super quick to saute and they are packed with nutrients and antioxidants.
Protein Bars: I don't eat protein bars but my husband loves them as a mid day snack or for post and pre work out. Make sure they are low in sugar and high in protein and include other vitamins or minerals. 
Yellow Squash: Also great for getting veggies in and I have found very tasty baked 

Avacadoes: Love avocados on *GF toast, mixed with salsa for instant guacamole, or on top of turkey burger patties. 
Crumbled Feta: I just recently discovered this Feta by a blogger named Andee from the Honeybee blog. This is so so good and I add it to most salads or even in rice or quinoa dishes. 
String Cheese: Great for and on the go snack. Just make sure its skim or non fat.

Baked Lentil Chips : In love with these crispy full of flavor chip. I dip them in guacamole and hummus. 
Fage Greek Yogurt : This greek yogurt is delish and packed with protein. This is a great on the go breakfast or if you are in the mood for something sweet but don't want to have a cheat date and eat that piece of blubbery pie.
Pinapple Juice : I love this juice, it reminds me of my vacationing in hawaii. Pineapple juice not only taste yummy but it also has great health benfits. It contains folic acid a vitamin that is essential for women wanting to or that are pregnant. It is also good for your skin and maintaining a natural water balance. 
Vanilla Oat Cereal: The hubs loves this with skim milk for a quick breakfast in the mornings.

Brocolli: I love broccoli raw or steamed. I dip it in hummus or steam up for a dinner side.
Tomatoes: I make a delicious salad with these tomatoes (i will share soon) or add to my rice or quinoa
Kale: Supper green. I use this for salads, pressed juices, saute and add to rice and quinoa.  
Hard Boiled Eggs : Great quick breakfast or protein packed snack

Almond Cashew Dark Chocolate : These individual snack size packets are perfect on the go or to satisfy my sweet tooth. 
Udi's Bread : This gluten free bread is my favorite I have ever tried. 
Applewood smoked ham : The hubs loves making sandwiches or ham and cheese quesadilla with this ham.
Chunky Olive Hummus : By far my favorite hummus, the flavor is amazing.

I love pinterest as I know many of you do and lately I have been into organization pins. Getting organized is a must for me because it helps reduce the stress I am under. When everything has a place I seem to sleep a little better at night. Lately my refrigerator has really been bugging me and I came over a pin that suggested to get storage bins. As the pin suggested I picked up a few organization container from my local Dollar Store. I came after my purchase and new groceries, cleaned out my refrigerator and went to work organizing.

Before Organization

After Organization

After Organization

I think you will find that the photos show such an improvement with just spending a few dollars, I think $5.00 to be exact. The storage containers (I prefer white but they only had teal) make it so easy to keep things neat and clean. It also helps to easily access your food and aware of the things you have.

This was super simple, quick and inexpensive. I recommend everyone re-vamping their fridge!

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