Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Peonies : How To Prepare for A Vase

My local Trader Joe's alway has beautiful blooms of the season and one of my favorites to pick up are Peonies. They are so fragrant and beautiful when they bloom. I also love large blooms like hydrangeas and with only a few Peony stems you can create a full vase.

I often use the internet and eHow when I need direction or how to so I wanted to share the tutorial for how to cut and prepare peony for a vase. Hope you enjoy.


    • 1
      Avoid blooms that have begun to open already, as these fade quickly after cutting.
    • 2
      Cut through the stem with sharp shears (i need to get shears scissors aren't that great) within ¼ inch of a leaf. Pinch the lower leaves off the stem if they will sit beneath the water surface in the vase. Recut the bottom of the stem at a 45-degree angle, holding the stem under water as you cut. 
    • 3
      Fill a vase with 100 degree Fahrenheit water. Dissolve a flower preservative in the water, following the directions on the packet. (most blooms come with this packet)
    • 4
      Place the peony in the prepared vase. Peonies bloom for up to two weeks in the vase if you replace the water and preservative every two to three days. I usually try to every day. 

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